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Complete Equipment Required for Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic Farming
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    Farming is among the most important things that keep the world running. Whatever we eat is a result of farming up to some extent. Suppose you like burgers, you might be getting that in the shop in a city but all the ingredients of that burger are products of farming from different farmlands. Farming is something that is always practiced away from the city where abundant farming land is available. But before that, we would like to talk a bit about hydroponic farming. Once we are done with the fundamentals associated, we will talk about the pieces of equipment required for hydroponic farming. Let us talk about hydroponic farming first.


    What is hydroponic farming?what is hydroponic farming

    This is an effective technique to grow plants without soil. There might be several reasons behind growing a plant without soil. You might ask about the elements that support plants in this case. There is a solution of water and minerals. The roots of the plants are suspended in this solution and the plants don’t need soil for any type of support. Another popular farming technique called soil-less farming is not much effective if you compare it with hydroponic farming. Hydroponic farming has several major benefits of hydroponic farming over other techniques. Let us take a look at those benefits without further delay. The yield is quite high in this case with fewer water requirements. The plants in this technique also require less space which is a huge benefit on your part if you are growing the plants. Apart from that, people practicing this farming technique save the soil from being polluted in a large number of ways. There is no need for chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.


    List of equipment required for hydroponic farming

    Now you are aware of the basic definition and other fundamentals associated with this technique. It is now time to take a look basic pieces of equipment you need for this technique. You should know that the number of elements to get started here is quite low. Here is a complete list of items you need.


    1. A chamber for growing plants

    This is the first and most important element of hydroponic agriculture. The chamber that we are talking about here is required to support the root of the plants you will grow with this technique. There are specific growing chambers that you can easily get in the market. In case, you want to do it on your own, there is an effective way to do it as well. Consider opting for trays of favorable size, small tanks like fish tanks, etc. One feature should be common in all the tanks or growing chambers that you have opted for i.e. the container must be opaque. Opaque contained are highly important in this case if you want to grow plants effectively. Though there is no specificity about the size you should choose in this case. Consider going for any size that is suitable for the size of the root of your plant. In some cases, the type of hydroponic system you have opted for decides the size of this container as well.

    2. Water Pump

    hydroponic tower with water pumpThe pump is one of the most essential pieces of equipment required for hydroponic farming. But make sure you have bought a submersible pump because that is the only type that is going to work in your case. Finding this element is not much of a deal because these are easily available in any store that sells garden supplies. Several cities have specific shops that sell hydroponic supplies and you can get this item there very easily. The pump is very necessary because it is the main tool to transfer water and nutrients to the roots of the plants.


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    Pro tip: Cleaning the pump entirely once or twice a month is very helpful in keeping the nutrients uncontaminated. Don’t take this activity as a process to maintain the proper functioning of the pump instead, it is very important for the proper growth of the plants.


    3. Air pump

    Several people consider the air pump as an optional tool in this case but it is highly important. Considering this item as an essential element of your process is going to help you a lot. Installing it is very easy because you can get one at cheap prices in the market. Having an air pump in this architecture is very helpful because it maintains a proper supply of oxygen in the roots of the plants that are usually submerged in the water.

    4. Reservoir

    hydroponic tower with reservoirThere is a need for a permanent source to store nutrients and water needed for the growth of the plants. The reservoir stores the solution of nutrients and water. And this solution is fed to the growing chamber of each plant with the help of a submersible pump. The reservoir must not let light enter inside in order to avoid the growth of microbes inside the reservoir. One thing you have to make sure of in this case is the material used in making the reservoir. Don’t buy a reservoir made from an element that might react to the solution of nutrients and water. This situation is going to have catastrophic for the plants you are growing.

    5. Water delivery system

    This water delivery connection makes sure each root is getting enough solution to maintain proper growth. Every growing chamber is connected with this system and gets the essential elements easily. It is not something you could buy because you have to make it based on your specific arrangements. But doing it is really simple. All you need in this case is your ability PVC pipes and connectors. Always have some extra items like PVC pipes, connectors, sprayers, etc. because these items get clogged very easily.


    6. Lights and a timer

    hydroponic tower with lights and timer

    These elements are necessary only when you are growing plants inside your home as the plants won’t have access to light in this case. Normal household lights will not work so, you have to find one that is specially made for supporting the growth of plants. And timers are very necessary in this case to make sure plants are getting enough light on a regular basis.

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    We hope this article helped you know about the equipment required for hydroponic
    farming. This is a technique worth trying and you may opt for it for certain plants even when
    you don’t have access to soil.

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